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Kelly Bell & Her Large Breasts

Kelly! Haven't you forgotten something again? You'd think that at this time of year, curvy Kelly Bell would be wrapped up warm for a night out. Not likely! It wasn't enough for the Aldershot lovely to almost give the world a look at her magnificent 30G big breasts she also gave her fans a good look at her clean-shaven pussy not once, but twice!

Kelly Bell

Kelly Bell Gets Naked

As lady and women experts, we can confirm that this girl kelly bell is what we call in the trade a realy fucking beauty.

Kelly Bell has a soft tight fanny that is shaved (or waxed) back to her peachy soft cream skin, her pussy lips are small and tidy and the clitoris is clearly visible and ready for some serious attention from one of you hot and horny guys.

As well as looking at some of these exclusive sexy upskirt shots you can now also see Kelly's rare hardcore video that made when she was a struggling model, believe it or not.

When a nosey guy caught up with Kelly Bell last night with her large tits squeezed into a tight top and asked about her show all shots. Was she trying to be the new Britney Spears? Kelly giggled: "No, of course not. What can I say? I never expected a photographer to be waiting to catch me out like that. Still, I hope my fans enjoy them." I hope they enjoy any pictures that show my naked sexy big breasts and beautiful little tight pussy. There are videos where you can see me get fucked, giving a tit wank and giving blowjobs.

Kelly Bell Getting Naked

Big Breast Kelly Bell Show

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