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We have a miriad of sexy, fucky, cunty stories for you. So look at our many links below or read the story on this page for a real horny time. We have girls getting shagged left, right and centre.

Carry on Camping – Hardcore Sex Story

One of my hobbies is camping. I love seeing women getting down to the basics of life and watching them get hungrier for sex the longer they stay without their boyfriends.
At one camp there was a blonde whose cunt I fancied taking a walk up. So I talked to her for a while and we generally made friends. A few days went by and I was dying for a shag, so I asked her if she was missing sex with her boyfriend? She replied that she'd already begun to frig herself off each night. I told her that instead  of having to frig herself, I'd see her right.

Within two minutes we were in her tent and I was feeling her breasts through her jumper, while she unzipped my trousers and began to take me in her mouth. I asked her not to and lifted the jumper to expose a breast of enormous size - I'd never seen one so big.  Her tits were like a giant pair of balloons, She moaned as I fingered them, massaging the tips as a baker kneads dough. Then I sucked them one by one.

She moaned and asked me to stop teasing and fuck the hell out of her.  I told her that I wanted to do it in the woods nearby. 'But we might get caught,' she uttered, 'Quite', was my reply. 'It'll add to the excitement.' She agreed. She lay down and I unzipped her combats with my teeth and pulled them down to finger her cunt through her knickers. However, she wasn't wearing any, so all that lay before me was a moist, willing pussy. She told me she never wore knickers at camp because they got too sweaty from all the walking around. Also from the love juice which poured out when she was aroused by all the men.

With that I drove my tongue inside her and she screamed with delight as I reached her clit and teased her hole. She begged me to fuck her, so I rammed  my dick inside her, so hard I thought I might split her in two. We pumped and rocked. She thrust against my dick harder and harder until she came. She arched her back as she did so. I came a second later. I kissed her hard before getting dressed again. Needless to say, we had it a few more times on the holiday.

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